"Flatirons" Print

"Flatirons" Print

Working up to change has always been an incredibly difficult task for me. I have a bad habit of getting comfortable in one routine that makes me unhappy and doing nothing about it - I’m sure everybody that knows me can attest to that, or has in some way experienced it themselves.

Well, I’m finally doing something about it. Fear of the unknown has been the only thing holding me back in recent months, but I have such an incredible network of friends and family and all of their love has been essential to helping me finally feel confident enough to break out my stagnant routine. This painting of the Flatirons is for those of you who have supported me through it all - it marks the beginning and end of two different parts of my life, and it will always remind me that I have the power to change my circumstances no matter how scared I might feel. I still have absolutely no idea what the future holds for me, but it’s liberating and I finally feel free for the first time in years 🚀

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